Ionic Magnesium

Ionic Magnesium

Magnesium: An essential mineral. The chief function of magnesium is to activate certain enzymes, especially those related to carbohydrate metabolism. Another role is to maintain the electrical potential across nerve and muscle membranes. It is essential for proper heartbeat and nerve transmission.


Magnesium is more important than calcium, potassium or sodium as it is required to regulate them. Not many people are aware of the great roll magnesium plays in the proper functioning of the body. After oxygen, water, and basic food magnesium may be the most important element needed by the body. It is so vitally important, yet nearly completely ignored. Magnesium activates over 300 different biochemical reactions for the body to function properly thus making it a very important mineral for the body. Everyone knows the serious consequences from the lack of oxygen, water and food, but very few realize the consequences of magnesium deficiency.

What are magnesium deficiency symptoms?

Many people suffer daily with Muscle Cramps, Anxiety, Spasms, Fatigue, Headaches, Irritability, Sleep-Disorders, Low Energy, Body-Tension. Other conditions are Backaches, Heart-Disorders, PMS, Muscle Tension, Kidney Stones, Osteoporosis, Depression, Irregular-Heartbeat, Insomnia and others too numerous too mention. 90-95% of the population is deficient in magnesium.

Magnesium is required for protein synthesis, contractility of muscles, excitability of nerves and as a co-factor in a plethroa of enzyme functions. Proper calcium and magnesium consumption supports feeling younger and weight loss. The human body needs water-soluble magnesium in conjuction with calcium. If the level of magnesium is not maintained the excess calcium may become a toxin and lead to the Symptoms of magnesium deficiency.

Becoming an Expert!

If you continue to read on you will become an expert on how to handle your own magnesium deficiency, that strikes most of us unknowingly. This information is vital for everybody to know and it may change your life as it has changed the lives of many others. The fact is many of us suffer for months and years from chronic conditions, that no one seems to detect the source of (not even the so-called experts). Only a few lucky ones realize that the true source of these conditions is due primarily to a magnesium deficiency. Many of the conditions listed are caused primarily by magnesium deficiency and for many other conditions magnesium deficiency is a major contributing factor. Perhaps this information will bring new hope to those who have grown hopeless about improving their condition.

To understand magnesium importance consider that 90-95% of the population is deficient, and many thought that regular magnesium supplements will fix this deficiency. But if the magnesium supplement is not water soluble or available in ionic form it will literally pass through the digestive track with very little benefit to the body. For minerals to be absorbed into the body they must be available in ionic form. The name says it all " Ionic Liquid Magnesium" which is how this magnesium supplement is delivered to you. Repeating again, magnesium is the most important mineral in the body because it activates over 300 processes in the body. These functions are energy production, muscle function, digestion, creation of new cells, bone formation, relaxation of muscles, the functioning of your heart, kidneys, the activation of B vitamins, adrenals, brain and nervous system. Deficiency of magnesium, to any extent, will interfere with any of these factors.

If you run low on magnesium you can see how many things can go wrong. Dozens of processes are disturbed and many nutrients and minerals can not function properly and the body goes out of balance.

Magnesium Depletion, what causes it?

Learn well the following Magnesium Depletors and avoid them as much as possible. These factors dramatically deplete your body's magnesium storage and make it necessary for greater consumption of magnesium: coffee, sugar, mental stress, alcohol, cola type soda, high sodium diet, tobacco, medical drugs of all types, high perspiration, low thyroid, diabetes, diuretics, chronic pain, a high carbohydrate diet, a high calcium diet (yes too much calcium can be a problem).

The Calcium Problem

Excess calcium DEPLETES magnesium from the body and as a result brings about symptoms of magnesium deficiency. It is not important how much magnesium you take but how much is left in the body. Remember calcium and magnesium need to be in correct proportions, otherwise calcium goes from being a nutrient into a pollutant. The MagICal supplement, was developed with this is mind and is synergistically balanced with calcium and magnesium to prevent calcium pollution in the body. When magnesium is deficient in the body excess calcium can cause heart disease, arthritis, senility, calcification of organs and tissues that eventually degenerate. Thus excess calcium can become a real problem, while excess magnesium is not any concern. Magnesium does not build up in the body but the excess is eliminated while excess calcium builds up.

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency.


Magnesium has a key role in the energy process within each cell, and our overall energy level. Energy production is inhibited, with inadequate amounts of magnesium, with the eventual outcome being fatigue and weakness. Magnesium is essential to regulating potassium levels and functioning of the adrenal glands which are both important to maintaining high energy levels.


Deficiency in magnesium can cause insomnia, and wake us up with muscle spasms, cramps, tension and feeling uncomfortable. The proper functioning of the nervous system requires magnesium and without sufficient quantity the nerve cells cannot give or receive messages and tend to become excitable and highly reactive. Noises will seem excessively loud and the person will jump at sudden sound and be generally nervous and on edge. Light can appear to be too bright and the person can become highly sensitive and nervous.


Instant relief can be obtained by taking a magnesium drink because PMS is mostly a magnesium deficiency and excess calcium. When it comes to OSTEOPOROSIS, magnesium is crucial in regulating bone density, as it is magnesium which allows calcium to assimilate. Calcium alone is potentially harmful.


Without sufficient magnesium you would actually die as your heart will stop beating and the doctors will call it "a heart attack". Thus it is critical to have the proper levels of magnesium in the body. Early signs of terminal extinction are unusual changes in heart rates (beats), angina pain, collapsing from exhaustion after heavy physical exercise or sports related activities. With low magnesium the heart muscle develops a spasm or cramp and stops beating because there is insufficient magnesium to relax the heart ready for the next contraction.


Asthma, headaches, migraines, seizures, depression, fibromyalgia, anxiety, ADD, arthritis and kidney stones get worse when sufficient magnesium is not consumed. Drink some liquid magnesium and they will begin to improve some conditions instantly and others need time. Magnesium has been found to improve insulin's response to dietary sugar and improve the action of insulin in regulating blood sugar levels. Magnesium is needed by those with high blood pressure and it proved to be vital and highly effective in many cases.

Ladies, What about cellulite?

According to Dr. Susan Lark, M.D. (see for information) in her newsletter, "New Choices, the Chemistry of Weight Loss, Summer 2001." Magnesium supplementation is critical for getting rid of cellulite. "Many of the weight problems I have seen can be cured with magnesium. A British researcher found that 80% of fatigue patients lack magnesium. You need 400mgs a day to get every cell in your body cranking out energy, but most women get only half that. I've seen many weight problems vanish with magnesium. This is because it stops cortisol production, which makes you big in the belly, and because it helps your body convert fatty acids into the anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. Too little magnesium and you are likely to have an inflamed, bloated body with lots of cellulite. Adjust the chemical balance and I've seen the inflammation disappear and women lose up to 10 pounds in a single week."

What is cellulite?

It is the name given to irregular fatty deposits that appear as dimpled skin (orange peel) around womens buttocks and thighs. Cellulite begins to form during puberty but is not always noticeable on younger women because their skin is more supple. Some men may also experience cellulite.

Cellulite Gone is a special blend of Ionic Magnesium and proprietary ingredients that work at the cell level to metabolize the fatty tissue.

With Cellulite Gone you have!

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Upper arms
Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate!

Did you know chocolate cravings are often due to a need for magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that is lost when under stress, such as just before menstruation. Women who can't control their weight have found it easier to do so when they can nix their chocolate cravings. Increase your magnesium decrease your chocolate cravings. According to Hans Nieper, M.D., from his extensive research with compromised patients, "Magnesium improves the activity of white, granulocytic blood cells and increases the production of immune-defensive substances such as antibodies and complements (factors that activate specific antibodies)." Doctor Nieper is an expert in cancer therapy and says that there is a correlation between high levels of magnesium and health Vs low levels of magnesium an illness. back

What is the big deal about ionic form?

Much has been made about taking mineral supplements. Then there is the idea that all things we take should be in natural form.

When taking a mineral supplement such as magnesium aren't we trying to get magnesium into our bodies? Obviously you would have to say yes. The next question that should be asked is, if magnesium is a mineral that comes from the earth or sea, is there a difference in the magnesium? There is no difference in the magnesium ion. There is only one type of magnesium and that is the metal, magnesium. Of course we are talking about the magnesium which the body uses. So, the question is not, is it organic or inorganic because there is only one type of magnesium and that is the metal. But the question should be, does it get absorbed or not get absorbed. This is where the ionic form comes in.

Medical studies done at the Creighton University Medical School in Omaha, Nebraska prove that magnesium and calcium are absorbed in ionic form not in organic or non-organic form. The body has what are called ion channels and that is how the body utilizes magnesium and calcium. As a matter of fact, magnesium is a natural calcium channel blocker to protect the body from getting too much calcium (too much calcium can cause cellular death). Calcium is also absorbed in the body in ionic form and that too was proven at Creighton Medical School. Thus the argument about taking certain minerals is, Firstly, we need them and lots of them, and Secondly, we need the kind of minerals that get absorbed into the cells not the ones that are swallowed and are passed through into the stool. Liquid Ionic Magnesium is in the form every body will be able to absorb and being in Ionic form means there is a much higher probability it will get absorbed when taken orally. Absorption is the key word and ionic is the key word associating itself to absorption, especially in the case of magnesium. Maybe the reasons most of the people who are taking minerals don't see changes as they expect are because they are not getting what they pay for.
With Ionic Liquid Magnesium, absorption is high because this is the form that the body recognizes and utilizes. Many magnesium products on the market are very difficult to assimilate because they are in the wrong form to be effectively absorbed by the body as they pass through the stomach and are eliminated before the nutritional value is utilized.



The solution is to take magnesium in a form where it is completely dissolved in water. In this ionic form the magnesium assimilates into the body fast producing almost instant relief. "Ionic Liquid Magnesium" is a product which was developed especially for that reason. Ionic Liquid Magnesium is a product that provides magnesium in an ionic solution in water which provides a high assimilable, effective, fast acting supplement. Just measure the serving size into a glass of water and drink.