Ionic Magnesium/Calcium

Nano Magnesium/Calcium

Announcing our NEW Nano Mag/Cal supplement manufactured with technology that creates the ultimate in particle size so small the mineral begins to be absorbed directly into the bodies cells the moment it enters your mouth. This allows for fast effective absorption and high utilization without taking mega doses of of these minerals. Nano Mag/Cal is made from all natural plant source material.

What is and why Nano Magnesium/Calcium?

The term Nano means 1 divided by 1,000,000,000 thus very small. Nano stands for nanometre which is the same consistency as blood plasma, a very important connection. Nano Calcium/Magnesium has a particle size that is so small, it is very easily absorbed through ion channels into the cells of the body making it very fast and effective to meet the bodies needs. Being of Nano size also means it is 100% available for absorption by the body, not like calcium and magnesium pills or capsules which are usually only 10% to 15% effective with the balance of the product being eliminated as waste. Use Nano Calcium/Magnesium a dietary product in a daily program for strong bones and good general health. Each serving size is equivalent to 1500 mg Calcium and 750 mg Magnesium due to its high absorption and Enter-Cellular action.

For what, and how is Calcium used?

Most of the calcium in the body is bone. But providing skeletal material is far from calcium's only role in the body. Calcium serves in nerve transmission, muscular contraction, and blood clotting. Your bones actually serve as a reservoir of calcium - calcium is added or subtracted as needed by the body (as determined by the concentration of calcium in the blood - below 10mg/100ml calcium is mobilized into the blood, above approx. 11mg/100ml, the bones absorb the excess calcium). It is easy to see why dietary calcium is important in maintaining proper bone density.
Women especially cannot afford to be without adequate amounts of calcium in their diets! The common female complaints of PMS and symptoms of menopause may be relieved by simple supplementation with the mineral, calcium. The evidence is circumstantial, but mounting fast, that PMS and menopausal complaints are early signs of osteoporosis!

You Do NOT Want Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a term familiar to most people. It is the progressive decalcification (degeneration) of the bones throughout a persons body. Known as the "silent thief" of diseases, osteoporosis most often strikes older women. But the time to combat it is now. As much as 95% of your bone mass is accumulated during adolescence, then it must be maintained throughout life. We have all seen the little old ladies whose vertebrae have collapsed from lack of calcium, making them shorter and hunched over. In severe cases of osteoporosis the vertebrae are so weak that the spine doesn't stop dropping forward until the rib cage comes to rest on the hip bones. That's uncomfortable and damaging to the self image, but not deadly. What usually kills victims of osteoporosis is a hip fracture. Because of the mechanics of your muscles and bones, the act of standing up from a chair places great stress on the hip bones. In people with osteoporosis the hipbone becomes porous and weak to the extent that one day simply standing up from a sitting position breaks their hip. Immobility in the hospital bed leads to pneumonia or there is some other complication and the victim dies. Mortality due to hip fracture is about 30%. While men are less likely to suffer from hip fracture, owing to their greater bone mass, they are almost twice as likely to die once it happens.
The Potency of MagCal-Ionic.
Several unique and special processing procedures are used in manufacturing MagCal-Ionic which makes it a very powerful calcium and magnesium supplement.
MagCal-Ionic is a blend of calcium gluconate and magnesium acetate and a residue of acetic acid from apple cider vinegar. The magnesium acetate used in MagCal-Ionic is some 2000 times greater in solubility than magnesium carbonate and many other forms of magnesium supplement products. This means the ability of the body to absorb MagCal-Ionic is exponentially greater than with most competing products.
Of major importance for consideration concerns the ratio of elemental calcium, 40%, and magnesium, 60%, in MagCal-Ionic. This is important because magnesium is a natural calcium antagonist or channel blocker. It is known in health and medical communities that too much calcium may cause cellular necrosis or cellular death. That is why pharmaceutical companies developed the calcium channel blockers to make sure the cells within the body do not get too much calcium at once.
Because of the high ionization potential with magnesium acetate, there is no need to be concerned about the calcium gluconate in MagCal-Ionic, because it delivers a stronger ionized solution to help push and pull the calcium into the cells. The high magnesium content will protect against over aggressive calcium absorption to protect the cells from being damaged due to too much calcium.
Magcal-Ionic has a slight residue of acetic acid, which the body recognizes as an amino acid to further enhance the absorption of this synergistic product.
The blending, manufacturing process (patent pending) and ratios of calcium to magnesium in producing MagCal-Ionic make it a superior calcium and magnesium supplement, perhaps one of the best in the world.

You should be using MagCal-Ionic as you calcium and magnesium supplement for these reasons!

First: For the body to recognize these nutrients they must be available in ionic form or they pass through the system with no effect. Dissolving Magcal-Ionic in a liquid prior to consumption, means it is 100% available and absorbable by the body and absorption begins the moment it enters your mouth. This advantage is not seen in capsules, caplets or chewing forms of calcium such as antacids as they first need to be processed by the stomach and be converted into an ionic form before being useful nutrients. Many times these forms of calcium pass directly through the stomach and bowl system with little absorption. With MagICal your system is able to bypass this process of ionic conversion meaning you get very high absorption rates as MagCal-Ionic is 100% bio-available.
Second: MagCal-Ionic uses the same type of calcium that is injected into your body by I V application. This means you are getting the best possible grade of calcium available. The calcium used in MagCal-Ionic is the one approved by the FDA for I V injection so it has to be good. (No antacid tablet on the market can say that.)
Third: In MagCal-Ionic a powder form of calcium and magnesium has been blended into a highly flexible product. You can use it in most liquids (see ways to use MagCal-Ionic below).
Fourth: In the blending process of MagCal-Ionic an acetic acid is used which the body recognizes as an amino acid, which means better transportation into the cells for 100% absorption availability.
Fifth: Studies have proven calcium gluconate, which is used in MagCal-Ionic can regenerate new bone growth.
Sixth: Antacid type calcium pulls enamel off the teeth making your teeth more susceptible to decay and Dentists do not like it for that reason.
Seventh: 1/2 tsp. twice per day may keep the Doctor away (just like an apple a day). Order information can be found near top of the page. Available in either powder or liquid form.

You will SEE RESULTS if you give MagCal-Ionic a chance.

  • Body tensions relaxed
  • Cramps reduced or eliminated.
  • Restless legs syndrome reduced or eliminated.
  • More restful sleep patterns.
Gary from CT wrote : "What ever is in MagCal-Ionic sure works for me, my legs are at rest now".