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The MEDICINAL HERB and OIL that has kept people in the Mediterranean healthy over the centuries is available for you now in a convenient and affordable new product of the highest possible quality. Oil of Oregano is a potent health aid.

Its primary active ingredient, Carvacrol, when laboratory tested, has proved to be one of the strongest antiseptics known to man.*** Even a tiny amount of Oregano oil quickly and naturally eliminates a wide variety of pathogens such as bacteria, yeast, fungi, parasites and viruses. A great advantage of Oregano Oil is that these pathogens cannot build up an immunity to it, as is the case with pharmaceutical drugs. Also the potentially hazardous side effects of drugs are eliminated along with the danger of creating virulent bacterial and fungi mutations.

Wild Oil of Oregano is produced from WILD Oregano, hand-picked in the Mediterranean wilderness. The Oregano leaves and flowers are steam distilled at low temperature and low pressure in stainless steel crucibles. Each batch of essential oil is numbered and then analyzed using Mass Spectography and Gas Chromotography. This rigorous testing assures that only the correct species of edible Oregano with high Carvacrol content is delivered to you in our Oil of Oregano. We guarantee that the amount of Carvacrol in the Oregano essential oil selected for our product is not less than 70%. Currently (2004) the two batches of Oregano oil that we are using in our product have been GC tested at 83.43% and 86.96%. . Beware of inferior grades of questionable origin, purity and potency. Aside from being ineffective, they can actually harm you. 

Each batch of our Wild Oil of Oregano is energetically balanced, using a patented European technology. This process strengthens the blueprint of the Oregano oil and increases its life force energy. It supercharges the healing and rejuvenation effect by introducing beneficial frequencies that restore harmony, health and strength in the body. It also smoothes out the taste of the oil and improves its compatibility with the human body. Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used as a base in order to provide you with the finest edible product, free from pesticides, herbicides or man made chemicals of any kind. You get a highly effective, pure and natural “medicine chest” in a convenient 25ml bottle.

You may use Wild Oil of Oregano with confidence. Add one or two drops to soups, salads, sauces, etc. for a hearty and delightful culinary experience.

Enhance your health by using this age old remedy which modern science is only now beginning to discover.

Properties and Usage

Oil of Oregano will kill any kind of "germ". Proof of this statement can be found in the Quarterly Review of Biology, March 1998 and the Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, June 1977, among other authoritative publications. 

Immune system stimulant

Oregano oil has been proven in European studies to be a potent immune booster. Compared to plants such as echinacea and goldenseal, Wild Oil of Oregano is by far the most effective in boosting the body's natural immunity. Use 1-3 drops 3 x a day to supercharge your immune system and maintain good health.

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic/anesthetic (Pain

Oil of Oregano is an athlete's best friend due to its anti-inflammatory and anesthetic action. Applied externally, the oil deeply penetrates tissues and in so doing, brings relief and speeds healing and reduces the pain of bruises, sprains, torn and sore muscles, tendonitis, cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome and other similar injuries. Arthritis responds well to this treatment. For topical use you may use it straight from the bottle. For people with sensitive skin you may dilute it by adding 3-5 drops of olive oil or carrier oil to 1 drop of Wild Oil of Oregano. Avoid eyes, mucous membrames and
sensitive skin areas. Pain relief and added relief from arthritis, bursitis and other inflammatory conditions may be improved by also taking Oregano oil internally.


Candida is a fungus that infects millions of people. Wild Oil of Oregano contains powerful antifungal agents that eliminate Candida effectively and safely. Take 1-3 drops under the tongue or with juice 3 times daily. Some cases may need more aggressive treatment by filling a gel or vegi cap with 5-8
drops of the Oregano oil and taking that once a day with a meal. Continue the treatment for as long as necessary. Avoid foods that contain sugar and refined flour as these feed the Candida. Be sure to drink 8-12 glasses of pure spring water daily to help flush toxins from the blood. These toxins are
generated when the Candida dies from coming in contact with the Oregano oil. Prolonged treatment and more aggressive dosages may be required.

Nail fungus, which is particularly stubborn and hard to get rid of has a powerful enemy in Oregano oil. Wash and dry the nails. Soak them with the Wild Oil of Oregano twice daily. Take 1-3 drops of the Oil of Oregano 3 times daily. Some cases may need more aggressive treatment by adding 5-8 drops of Oregano oil to a gel or vegi cap cap taking that once a day with a meal. Continue treatment for 6 months.Nail fungus is usually a result of Candida infection in the blood. See above. Drink 8-12 glasses of pure spring water daily to flush toxins from the blood.

Athlete's foot: Oregano oil's effectiveness in fighting fungal infections such as athlete's foot make it a must in the locker room. Apply the oil topically to the feet after showering and before bed.


Among the natural antioxidants, oregano oil is one of the most powerful. It protects cells from free radical damage in the same way it prolongs the shelf life of foods. Take a few drops daily under the tongue to slow the effects of aging and maintain healthy cell structure.


Head lice and scabies: Parasites such as head lice and scabies are no match for Oregano oil's powerful antiparasitic properties. Add a few drops to a tablespoon of shampoo to wash hair and scalp. Add a couple of drops to a tablespoon of vegetable oil to apply to hair after shampoo or to other
affected areas. Add a dropperfull to laundry soap to disinfect clothes.

Cryptosporidium, giardia etc.: Add a drop to water that may be unsafe to protect yourself from parasites such as cryptosporidium and giardia as well as bacterial infection.
Take 1-3 drops up to 3 times a day to clear yourself of parasites.


Wild Oil of Oregano has been laboratory tested and proven to be as strong as pharmaceutical antibiotics with none of the associated hazards.Use it topically and internally for any kind of infection.

Bedsores: Apply topically to affected area to speed healing and reduce discomfort.

Burns, Cuts and Scrapes: Apply the oil topically immediately to clean and reduce pain in the wound. Quick application may prevent blistering and scarring from light burns and will prevent infection and speed rapid skin recovery in all wounds.

Teeth and Gums: Oregano oil gives effective relief to toothaches by killing the bacteria causing the pain. Apply the oil directly to the infected tooth. Gum disease can be halted by using Wild Oil of Oregano in the mouth. The oil may be applied to infected gums with a clean finger, Q-tip or a drop can be placed on your toothbrush before brushing the teeth. Regular treatment will vastly improve oral health and hygiene.

Food poisoning: In a recent study about 20% of meat samples obtained from grocery stores contained antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Vegetarians can be affected by food poisoning as well. Salmonella and E. coli have been found on such vegetables as iceberg lettuce and alfalfa sprouts, resulting in food poisoning. Restaurant foods may often be contaminated due to poor hygiene of employees or lack of proper washing of the produce After dining, take 3-5 drops of Oregano oil as a preventative. If symptoms occur, take 3 drops hourly for up to 10 hours or until symptoms disappear. By using Wild Oil of Oregano daily, you severely reduce your chances of becoming one of the 84 million cases of food poisoning that occur annually in North America.

Natural antibiotics like Oil of Oregano do not induce antibiotic resistance as do the patented antibiotic drugs.Use Oil of Oregano to boost your immune system and to kill off unfriendly bacteria. This natural remedy provides defense against biological toxins.


Colds, flu, shingles and herpes: Use daily to maintain a strong immune system and to weaken the virus. At the first sign of a viral infection such as colds, flu, herpes, shingles etc., take 3-6 drops immediately and continue at a maximum of 3 drops per hour for a maximum of 10 hours. In the case of herpes or shingles, in addition, it is best to apply the oil directly to the spot where tingling may be felt before an outbreak. This will often prevent the outbreak. Due to the heat sensation, oil of oregano should not be used on sensitive skin areas or mucous membranes. Do not use in vagina or anus unless it is very well diluted by adding a drop or two of wild Oil of Oregano to a tablespoon of olive oil. Then test with a small amount first. 

When treated at the first sign of symptoms, most viral conditions will be rendered harmless.

Warts can be treated by applying the Oil of Oregano directly to the wart with cotton wool. It is best to leave the soaked cotton on the wart as long as possibleby taping with adhesive. Repeat this 2 or 3 times a day and take 3 drops under the tongue three times a day for a few months. Planter's warts can be successfully removed in a few days by applying the oil directly to the wart several times daily.It may help to break the surface of the skin to allow the oil to penetrate to the root of the wart.



Oregano oil is capable of neutralizing venomous bites, making it invaluable in the wilderness or when traveling abroad. It's an effective first aid treatment for venomous bites of all varieties including bees, snakes and spiders. Oregano oil is also useful for preventing infection from animal bites and other puncture wounds. It reduces inflammation and stops the pain associated with bites and stings. Apply directly to stings or bites. The oil will penetrate into the wound and neutralize toxins and pathogens. Take a few drops internally to amplify the effect.